03 Sep

Tuesday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time
1 Thess 5:1-6, 9-11 / Luke 4:31-37

By: Fr. De Souza


In today’s Gospel, we come across an unusual scene: Jesus expels a demon from a man who was inside the Synagogue.

Now, it is no surprise that Our Lord has the authority to cast out demons and that He does it easily. However, what really caught my attention is that the demon was INSIDE THE SYNAGOGUE.

Now, the Synagogue was the holy place, comparable with our chapel, parish churches, and cathedrals. It is a consecrated place where people came to pray and to be in touch with God.

Remember the passage when Jesus was lost and later found in the Temple? He told Mary and Joseph: "Don't you know that I should be in my father's house" (Lk 2:49).

The temple was supposed to be an inhospitable place for a demon…perhaps the last place where one would expect to find it…still, there it was!

Jesus could have asked the demon: WHO LET YOU IN? Who opened the door to you? Who invited you in? Would it just come by itself?

The important thing, however, is that Jesus was also there! And where Jesus is the devil cannot stay. Therefore, let us make sure we have Jesus not only in our churches but also in our workplaces, in our homes and especially in our hearts.

Have a blessed day!
St. Luigi Orione, pray for us!

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